Authentic Pre-Owned Chanel Handbags: The Complete Buying and Selling Guide

Renowned worldwide, Chanel is an iconic luxury brand known for its high-quality materials, stunning designs, and premium products that encapsulate the essence of timeless elegance. Handbags, accessories, and clothes made by Chanel are coveted by fashionistas and collectors across the globe. Specializing in luxury ready-to-wear goods, Chanel products are among the finest in the industry.  READ MORE

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The origins of Chanel can be traced back well over 100 years. It all started when Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel first opened a millinery shop in Paris. Since 1909, the Chanel brand has grown into the distinguished luxury label that it is today. From jewelry and suits to fragrances and handbags, the exhibitions, designs, and collections of Chanel are some of the most celebrated in the world of art and fashion.


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Coveted Second-Hand Chanel Items at Your Fingertips

Credited with revolutionizing the world of haute couture, Chanel replaced structured, uninspiring clothing designs with gorgeous artistic renditions of the finest apparel that were both flattering and functional. Today, Chanel reigns supreme as a globally esteemed luxury brand, boasting an illustrious legacy that has shaped the sphere of high-end fashion for more than a century


Popular Chanel Handbags for Sale

When it comes to Chanel, there certainly are plenty of extraordinary products to choose from. With a vast selection of this kind, it can be challenging to decide which pieces will fit best with your collection. However, you can never go wrong with the classics, and HER Authentic has an extensive collection of those. Here are some iconic Chanel masterpieces that have significantly influenced the panorama of the fashion universe:


2.55 Handbag

The 2.55 handbag was created by Coco Chanel in February 1955. The name celebrates the month and year that the bag was first released. This groundbreaking bag, the first of its kind to feature a shoulder strap, revolutionized women’s accessories by liberating the wearer’s hands, enabling effortless movements during shopping excursions or just leisurely strolls. At the time of its debut, it caused quite a scandal as it represented a bold departure from convention and was considered a sign of dynamic rebellion. It even featured a secret zipper pocket, a clandestine compartment designed for discreetly concealing “love letters” or other personal items. With its gorgeous design, convenient configuration, and premium material construction, the bag soon became a household fashion staple worn by social elites all over the world. 


A Chanel Classic Reinterpreted

Early in his reign as Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld introduced the 11.12 bag, an updated version of Chanel classic 2.55 which was released in the early ‘80s on November 12th. His reinterpretation of the 2.55 became a symbol of the pivotal role Lagerfeld was to play in reviving and modernizing the brand – imbuing it with a fresh yet respectful vision that upheld the storied fashion house’s iconic principles. The 11.12  features an updated look and an iconic interlocking “CC” logo clasp on the front. It’s a simple statement piece made of premium materials, often featuring a chain shoulder strap. 


Chanel Boy

The Chanel Boy bag, named in honor of Coco Chanel’s paramour, Boy Capel, offers an intriguing blend of androgynous appeal and uncompromising chic. With its edgy design, this bag doesn’t just accessorize but makes a statement, embodying the spirit of audacity and independence that Chanel herself championed. Its design serves as a tribute to Chanel’s tradition of challenging norms and redefining elegance. Thus, it not only enhances a look but also continues the timeless dialogue between style and empowerment that is integral to the Chanel legacy.


Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

The Chanel Grand Shopping Tote, also called the GST, represents a remarkable blend of fashion and functionality within Chanel’s legendary lineup. As one of the roomiest bags ever offered in Chanel’s history – it represents the perfect combination of style and function. Although it was discontinued in 2015, this highly collectible and fashionable tote remains a much sought after treasure coveted by many collectors. 


Chanel Gabrielle

An instant classic, the Chanel Gabrielle was first launched in 2017, and immediately captured the fashion zeitgeist with its effortless blend of classic and contemporary elements. Designed for unisex fashion appeal, it has a versatile long strap and slouchy yet structured shape that makes it versatile, attractive, and ideal for those seeking a chic yet effortless look. 


Navigating Chanel’s Diverse Spectrum of Materials, Patterns, and Textiles

Deciding to invest in a pre-loved 100% authentic Chanel bag is the easy part. The real challenge lies in choosing among the broad array of breathtaking materials and patterns that this luxury brand offers. With so many to choose from, how is one to decide? Understanding the array of available materials is a great place to start. Here are some of the most popular material options that continue to shape Chanel’s irresistible allure: 


Chanel’s Lambskin Leather 

No question about it, lambskin holds a distinguished place among Chanel’s leather offerings. This is a soft luxury material featured prominently on some of Chanel’s most popular bags, clutches, and purses, particularly the classic or flap-closing styles. Velvet-like to the touch, lambskin is rich and soft with a subtle luminescence.


Chanel’s Caviar Leather

Renowned for its distinctive texture, Chanel’s French caviar leather is one of the brand’s signature materials. Sought by top collectors, this hardy yet refined pebbled calfskin material possesses a high resale value, making it a smart choice for those seeking both fashion-forward style and investment potential. This is a popular option for those who plan to carry their Chanel handbag everywhere without compromising on value retention. 


Calfskin Leather

Recognized for its delicate grain, calfskin leather strikes the perfect balance between smoothness and tactility, making it a favorite in Chanel’s esteemed collection. The leather is often featured in Chanel’s iconic quilted designs like the Boy Bag, where its fine grain lends an added layer of sophistication and durability. Calfskin leather can be aged to add a vintage note of charm or smooth-treated to impart a soft glow. 


Chanel Tweed

Chanel’s tweed fabric stands as an iconic symbol of this enduring luxury house’s brand. Originally showcased on Chanel’s iconic suits, this robust, textured material has also made its way into the brand’s exquisite line of bags. Each tweed Chanel bag is a testament to the material’s unique blend of durability and textured distinction, as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye. 


Chanel Canvas

Chanel’s canvas offers a minimalist appeal with a relaxed structure, providing a chic alternative for the brand’s more casual designs. Perfect for everyday use, Chanel canvas is especially popular on the brand’s Deauville totes.


Chanel’s Limited Edition Treasures

Certain pieces from Chanel are exclusive limited-edition releases. If you come across any of these prized collectibles, consider holding on to them or at the very least, treating them with extra care, as they may actually increase in value over time. For example, the Chanel 2-Tone Crystal Bag is a limited edition item, adorned with sparkling gems that accentuate its shimmering design. Other highly popular limited-edition pieces include the Chanel Box Minaudiere Shoulder Bag, the Chanel Camellia Runway Bag, and the Chanel Multicolor Bespoke Bag with Swarovski Crystals. Select versions of the Chanel Grand Tote also belong to this highly-prized category, making them potentially valuable finds for any serious collector.


Chanel: A Go-To Fashion Statement Among Celebrities

Chanel’s timeless creations have always been a favorite of A-list celebrities. Global celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightley, and Lily-Rose Depp often attend high-profile events like film premieres and awards ceremonies in show-stopping Chanel couture. Other notable fans of Chanel include Jennifer Lopez, Margot Robbie, Tessa Thompson, and Penelope Cruz, who frequently show their affection for Chanel through their curated collections. 


Chanel’s Enduring Value: Timeless Treasures that Stand the Test of Time

Chanel creations are renowned for their lasting value, a testament to the brand’s steadfast commitment to quality and a timeless aesthetic. Made of the finest materials, Chanel’s pieces are designed to last, gifting its owners with years of enjoyment. Beyond their longevity, Chanel pieces are often considered highly sought after collectibles. Not only is Chanel known as a beacon of enduring elegance in the fashion realm, its collectibles hold a special place in fashion history. For a look at Chanel’s current selection of bags and accessories click here.


Preservation and Care: Maintaining Your Chanel Pieces

Premium bags and accessories from Chanel require careful attention, particularly for items featuring calfskin or lambskin leather. Never treat your Chanel items with harsh chemicals or put bags in a washing machine. When it comes to cleaning, follow the care instructions provided with each purchase, or utilize the services of a professional to play it safe. Be careful with makeup, oils, or foods as these could potentially stain your Chanel bag. Leather items require careful conditioning to keep them pristine, and it’s essential to avoid the use of industrial cleaning products without checking the label or conducting thorough research. 


Appraisal and Resale: The Value of Second-Hand Chanel Designer Bags

Chanel pieces can actually appreciate in value over time. The resale price of a pre-loved Chanel bag depends on various factors including: its condition, rarity, the material it’s crafted from, its style and current market trends. For instance, small vintage lambskin flap bags may get anywhere between $1,795 to $5,000 in online marketplaces. Chanel handbags typically retain an average of 87% of their original value, surpassing many other designer brands. The high retention value is a characteristic shared by renowned luxury brands Gucci and Louis Vuitton, whose pre-owned items also retain value in the secondary market.  Rare Chanel items have been known to appreciate in value by as much as 300%, affirming the luxury brand’s investment potential alongside its peers. This shows that investing in high-end designer pieces can be a lucrative venture, especially when they are properly appraised and cared for.


Anticipated Chanel Price Increases:

  • Chanel Classic Maxi Flap – May appreciate by 300% 
  • Chanel Small Boy Flap Bag – Averages $6,100 (12.96% increase)
  • Chanel Large Boy Flap Bag – Averages $7,000 – (12.90% increase)
  • Chanel Boy WOC Bag – Averages $3,425 (14.17% increase)


Embrace Sustainability with Chanel: Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Pieces

When you buy or sell gently loved Chanel items, you contribute to a more sustainable luxury fashion ecosystem. Buying or re-selling authentic, pre-owned Chanel bags helps to reduce material waste and protect the environment while also promoting a circular economy. This benefits the world around you while also enhancing your personal aesthetic! So, you can feel good about looking amazing. 


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